IIT Delhi at NIPS 2015

The Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems or NIPS as it is known is a top venue for the presentation of research in Machine Learning. And this year’s edition to be held in December in Canada will have ample representation from IIT Delhi. Four of the accepted papers this year have an IIT Delhi contribution. These are:

Lifted Inference Rules With Constraints
Happy Mittal*, IIT Delhi; Anuj Mahajan, ; Vibhav Gogate, UT Dallas; Parag Singla, IIT Delhi.

Locally Non-linear Embeddings for Extreme Multi-label Learning
Purushottam Kar*, Microsoft Research India; Prateek Jain, Microsoft Research; Manik Varma, Microsoft Research India; Kush Bhatia, Microsoft Research; Himanshu Jain, IIT Delhi

Lifted Symmetry Detection and Breaking for MAP Inference
Timothy Kopp*, University of Rochester; Parag Singla, Indian Institute of Technology; Henry Kautz, University of Rochester

Fast Lifted MAP Inference via Partitioning
Somdeb Sarkhel*, University of Texas at Dallas; Parag Singla, Indian Institute of Technology; Vibhav Gogate, UT Dallas

Congratulations to all the authors. We will be asking them to tell us more about their papers on this blog later this year.


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