Twitter celebrities work featured in the media

Amit Ruhela’s thesis work on celebrities has been written up in The Telegraph this past weekend. The key finding of the paper appears as a quote from Aaditeshwar Seth in this news report:

“Just because more people receive tweets from a celebrity doesn’t mean they’ll themselves re-tweet something because it’s come from a celebrity,” Seth said.

Here is the citation of (and a link to) the paper that forms the basis for the news report:

Amit Ruhela, Amitabha Bagchi, Anirban Mahanti, Aaditeshwar Seth.
The rich and middle classes on Twitter: Are popular users indeed different from regular users?
To appear in Comput. Commun.

The news report also mentions in passing an earlier work that Amit and now graduated PhD Rudra Mohan Tripathy did on the spread of information in Twitter that was published in CIKM 2013.

It’s good to see that the work done in our department is going out into the world.


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