Event announcement: The invisible women of Indian science

The invisible women of Indian science
A public lecture and a chance to talk

Venue: Lecture Hall Complex Room 121, IIT Campus, Hauz Khas

Date: Thursday, 20th October 2016

Schedule: Talk at 5:30PM followed by Open Forum for women scientists at 6:30PM.

Talk Title: Lab-hopping to tell the stories of India’s women researchers

Speakers: Aashima Dogra and Nandita Jayaraj

The Life of Science (TLoS) is a feminist research and media project by two science reporters on a mission to tell the stories of the ‘invisible’ women of Indian research. Why do thousands of women drop out of their academic careers every year? TLoS attempts to answer questions like this by telling the stories of the women who have defied the odds. Our reports are based on conversations with female researchers across the country about their life, their research and challenges they’ve faced. They are published every Monday on http://www.thelifeofscience.com. Already, there are hints of trends and patterns emerging but we’ll have a more complete picture once we’ve covered the science being done in regions of India that the traditional media rarely ventures into. In this talk, we’ll share our experience and we look forward to exchanging ideas about the way science is done in India with the audience.

Aashima Dogra and Nandita Jayaraj started The Life of Science in February 2016 after quitting their jobs as editors of Brainwave, a science magazine for kids. Nandita is a freelance science writer who worked with The Hindu after studying at Asian College of Journalism. Aashima learnt to be science communicator at University of Warwick and has written science stories for The Asian Age and managed the editorial at Mars One.

Open forum for women scientists:
A public space where women involved in research, or contemplating a career as researchers can talk about the issues that affect them. This event will be moderated by Dr Neetu Singh, Center for Biomedical Engineering, IIT Delhi. Aashima Dogra and Nandita Jayaraj will join us for this session.

Acknowledgments: Vipula and  Mahesh Chaturvedi Chair for Policy Studies and Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Delhi.

Download pdf poster here.


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